Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Super Sport

This is a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Super Sport. If I get enough money when I grow up, I’m going to try to buy this car. In the World Record Book 2013,  The Bugatti is the most expensive car costing over 2 million dollars! That’s a lot! I want a spoiler in the back because when you go faster, the spoiler rises. The Bugatti can go 256 miles per hour! That would be good for a runaway. Orange and black look cool together so that’s why I want these colors. That is why I want a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Super Sport.

Summary Of The Lemonade War

In the beginning, the Treski family gets a letter from their school. The letter says that Jessie will skip third grade and go into fourth  grade. In Evan’s class. Evan doesn’t want Jessie in his class, his younger sister, because she is smarter than him and he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Evan and Jessie start a lemonade war to see who can make the most money. They set up lemonade stands the last five days of Summer.

In the middle, Evan has eighty nine cents less than Jessie. He set up one last lemonade stand to win. But when Evan wasn’t looking, Jessie put bugs in Evan’s lemonade so nobody would buy it. Evan sells some lemonade  but the kids got refunds. Then, a mom walked by and said Evan had to dump it. So he did.

In the end, Evan didn’t earn eighty nine cents so Jessie one the lemonade war. To finish the book, Evan and Jessie watched fireworks and went to sleep.

Spring Break

Over Spring break I went to Washington D.C!  We left on a Friday at 6:30. It was a six hour drive. We past by Pittsburgh which stunk. I found a water bottle in our car and said, ” If I see Ben Roethlisberger I am going to throw this at him”.

Then we went in Dunkin Donuts to go to the bathroom. When we got back in the car there was nothing to do so I played my IPod.

After that, we went to Bob Evans. I got a chocolate chip pancake, sausage, bacon, and apple juice. Our family does a joke game and our mom makes up dares that we have to do. I had to say ” Thanks sweetie” when the waitress came. It was hard but I did it. My sister had to say ” Breakfast was so good I would kiss the chef”. That was easy for her.

Then it was only one more hour To get to our hotel. When we got there, the first thing we did was look at our room. There was a TV and a couch that forms into a bed when you walked in. If you walk more, there would be a sink and next to it was a mini fridge. Above the fridge was where we put our food. Then there was the bathroom and a room with two beds.

Then our dad showed us this mini vending machine. You would swipe a card against it and then get as much food as you like.

Then we went down to the lobby and got more breakfast. I got sausage, eggs, and hot chocolate. We also got to give some fish some breakfast! After that was when I saw Katie.

Then, we went to go to a cemetery. We went through a subway and walked a mile just to see that the cemetery was closed. My mom said it would be open the next day.

So we went back to the hotel. My dad packed swim suits because he knew there would be a pool there. We went to our room and got changed.

When we got to the pool the first thing I did was go in the hot tub. Then my dad said that if you go in a hot tub then jump in pool it would be really cold. When I jumped in the pool, I felt like I was in Antarctica. Then my dad saw a boy playing catch with his dad and asked if my brother and I can play. He said yes. The ball was one of those gold, spikey   balls. After a while of playing catch, we had to leave.

We went up the elevator and to our room. On our way we got a little snack. I got Cheetos and a coke. When we got to our room, my brother showed me a game called Pocket Frog on his IPhone. You get to play with your frog in a pond, eat flies, do puzzles, and do races. To do a race, you should get your frog happy by eating flies, and you need a frog with good speed and stamina.

Pretty soon, we had to go to bed. My mom looked for a movie we could watch but there were no good movies. My brother and I fell asleep playing our IPods.

When I woke up, I had to get ready to go to the cemetery. We went through the subway, again, and walked some more. First, we saw some graves of all the people who died for us. We took some pictures too. Then, We went to see the changing of the guards. Three guards had to walk perfectly and memorize everything they had to do. Click their shoes, turn around, and when to say something. I couldn’t hear what they said. The guards had to stay where they were for the whole day doing the same thing. Then we went back to our hotel to get something to eat.

We ordered pizza from a Mexican restaurant… In the lobby! I got two slices of pepperoni pizza and got  hot chocolate. The pizza was DELICIOUS!  I wish I could have that pizza everyday.

Then we went back to our room. I had to take a shower because my mom said I stunk. I got a towel and got in the bathroom. When I tried to turn on the water, it was hard. It wasn’t made the way mine is. When I finally got the water on, I stepped in the shower. When I was in the shower, my face blew up. Literally! My face was fine then blood started dripping down my cheek. I walked out of the shower and got a tissue. My cheek stopped bleeding in a second. Then I got my p.j.s on. My sister found a shark movie on her computer and I started to watch it. Then my mom said it was to violent so I fell asleep watching the news. The news is boring, so that’s why I asleep.

The next day I woke up to getting ready for something again. We were going on a tour around Washington D.C. The bus was thirty minutes late so we had to wait in the cold longer then we should of.  First, we just drove around and looked at the view outside the window. Then we stopped to get out and see the Capitol building. It was about as big as the white house. Then there was a statue that my mom wanted to take a picture by so that’s what we did. We got back on the bus and went to see the Natural Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. In the Natural Science Museum, I learned about air and space. My brother and I got to go in this fake space shuttle but you could steer it. You would stay in the same place but you could go upside down and there was a screen with helicopters and you had a fake gun. You shot the screen where the helicopters were to knock them down. After that, we had to leave. We got back on the bus and I fell asleep. When I woke up, we got out to have lunch on a cruise ship. I got a ham-n-cheese sandwich. The lunches came with a water, a cookie, and wipes to wash your hands. There was a spot you can go down on the ship and look behind the ship. The water was beautiful! After that, we had to get back on the bus. The bus dropped us off where it picked us up and we had to go through the subway and walk again.

We got back in our room and got ready to go to the pool. There was nothing to play with so I just spent pretty much the whole time in the hot tub. It was relaxing!

We were on our way to our room and we stopped to get a snack. I got Doritos and a Sprite. I finished eating and drinking then I had to get ready to go to bed. I was really tired so I fell asleep right when my head hit the pillow.

I woke up the next day and had to get ready to leave:( I packed up all my stuff and got in our car. My mom said we could get a souvenir so we went to the Natural Science Museum. We got a picture from a real pilot and a book made by him. We got back in our car and started home.

On our way back, we were talking about what our favorite parts were at Washington D.C. I said my favorite part was seeing the fire that never went out. My mom said the fire never went out because the fire was on oil and the oil was on water. Water and oil don’t mix so the water couldn’t get to the fire. I thought that was a really cool fact. I forget what my family said. Sorry. Pretty soon we got back to our house and our vacation was over:(




Red Sox Fan

In the Happy News article, Red Sox game, Joe Procaccini caught TWO home runs.  He gave both of the balls away. He gave one ball to his brother and the other ball to a kid just standing there. He caught both balls easily, they both went right to him. Joe was very lucky but one guy from Baltimore caught THREE home runs. That must of been a great day for both of them!


In our classroom, we have a rockstar chart.If you are behaving good or paticipating you can move your name up.  You start on welcome then move up to good then great then excellent then rockstar.  You have to be really good to make rockstar.  Some things that you can do to move up the chart are helping others, cleaning the room, staying on task and being quiet during class and in the hallways.  I’ve made it 20 times but other people make it alot too.  We celebrate every month with a rockstar party.  There is a different theme every month.   My favorite one was when we decorated cupcake with frosting and sprinkles.  I am glad all my friends are rockstars!  It helps us try our best and always be nice to eachother.

Getting A Staple

Two Saturdays  ago, I cracked my head open. I was running in my basement when I fell. I hit my head on the corner of the wall. I was screaming so loud that my brother said I sounded like a football field. When we got to the ER there was a 5 minute wait. They tested my blood pressure. Then we got into a room. First, the doctor put a type of tape on my head so I wouldn’t get blood on myself. Then they took off the tape a couple minutes later. They got something that looked like a stapler but it wasn’t. It was a kind of stapler but it’s a medical kind. They used it as a stapler and smacked it right in my head. It didn’t hurt that much but it hurt a little. My mom took a picture of my head to show me it. Then we went home and I was OKAY!